Golden Hercules

Regional Competition

Eligible for the competition:

• works whose director’s place of residence is in Northern Hesse or

• works whose directors study at the University of Kassel, the School of Art and Design Kassel or a comparable institution in Northern Hesse or

• works that were realized and produced in Northern Hesse.

The competition for the Golden Hercules is open to all formats and genres presentable on screen. The prize is sponsored by the Machbar GmbH, an agency for corporate communication with its head office in Kassel, and endowed with 3,500 €. 

Out of all films that fulfil at least one of the above-mentioned criteria, the selection committee nominates works for the Golden Hercules. An nomination for exceptional documentary works from the Golden Hercules for the Golden Key competition is possible.

Jury 2020

Volker Beller was a founding member of Randfilm in 2014 and has been chairman of the association for promotion of off-the-side film culture since 2020. After his studies, he worked on the conception and construction of K19 at the University of Kassel. As a cultural consultant, he developed various forms of cultural mediation. Since then, he has organized events in very different locations and he has headed the artist agency antistars since 2005. After 2015 he has focused on his duties at Randfilm.

Clemens Camphausen is one of the managing directors of the Machbar GmbH, Agency for Promotion and Design. Furthermore, he is guiding through the opening ceremony of Kassel Dokfest.

Bettina Fraschke is one of the editors of the Hessischen/Niedersächsischen Allgemeinen Zeitung. She writes for the department of culture about film and theatre.

Gitta Severloh is an editor for the Hessischen Rundfunk (Hessian broadcasting). She was the editor of “aspekte“(ZDF) and worked as a film author, editor, moderator and producer for multiple formats in TV stations in Germany (SWR, SFB, 3sat, DW-tv). Since 2003 she has been living in Frankfurt where she successfully produced the cultural magazine titel, thesen, temperamente (ARD) for15 years. She used to be a jury member of the German literature prize Geschwister-Scholl and worked as a reporter for Berlinale film festival with a focus on documentary film.

Franziska Wank studied Visual Communication in class of Film and Moving Image at the School of Art and Design Kassel. Her film work deals with social contructs and switches between essay and documentary genre. Further she was part of the Hessian University Film Day and was curator of the video section of Kassel Art Fair. For SONDAYMORNING she won the Golden Hercules at 36th Kassel Dokfest.

Award Winners

2020 Manuel Domes und Jean Claire Dy: A House in Pieces  

2019 Franziska Wank: sunday morning

2018 Frauke Lodders: Inseparable

2017 Jonatan Schwenk: Sog

2016 Christian Wittmoser: Emily Must Wait

2015 Zuniel Kim: Der Langstreckenläufer

2014 Martin Schmidt: Emil

2013 Benjamin Brix, Steffen Martin, Felix M. Ott: EMPTYLANDS

2012 Jan Riesenbeck: Sechster Sinn, drittes Auge, zweites Gesicht

2011 Dennis Stein-Schomburg: Andersartig

2010 Olaf Saumer: Suicide Club

2009 Thomas Majewski: Verborgen in Schnuttenbach

2008 Nico Sommer: Stiller Frühling

2007 Marta Malowanczyk: Marla

2006 Hyekung Jung: Drawing the Line

2005 Matthias Stockloew (Ütz): Grosse Kinder

2004 Héctor Jesús Gutiérrez Rodriguez: Ese es mi chama? Das ist mein Junge

2003 Salah Ahmed El Oulidi: Die Andalusische Nacht

2002 Christoph Steinau: Kommt alles Anders

2001 Holger Ernst: Kleine Fische