Monitoring – Exhibition for Time-Based Media Art

The exhibition Monitoring is a section of Kassel Dokfest and presents up to 20 art installations that are based on cinematic, audiovisual or digital approaches. It provides a platform for time-based media art in the three-dimensional space as a complement to the film program of the festival.

Installations of any topic and form can be submitted. A selection committee of cultural professionals, artists and curators decides which installations are to be presented in the exhibition.


2018, the jury has selected twenty works out of more than 300 international submissions. The submissions followed an open call, without pre-set topics or restrictions concerning the content or technical media. The works were chosen upon their ability to enfold in a spatial setting and the contemporary relevance of their topics. All works in the exhibition are nominated for the Golden Cube award for the best media installation, which is endowed with 3,500 €. The award is donated by the software company Micromata GmbH.


Eröffnung Monitoring, Die ausstellenden Künstler/innen
Joel Baumann, Rektor der Kunsthochschule Kassel, Vorstand des Kasseler Kunstvereins
Susanne Völker, Dezernat IV für Kultur der Stadt Kassel
Judith Waldmann (Sektionsleitung )
Adam Harvey "MegaPixels: Faces" (1)
Adam Harvey "MegaPixels: Faces" (2)
Aram Bartholl "Pan Tilt And Zoom" (1)
Aram Bartholl "Pan Tilt And Zoom" (2)
Coralie Vogelaar "Interface, a Research on Emotions by Pattern Recognition"
Catherina Cramer Sane & Sanitized
Gernot Wieland Ink in Milk
Agnes Meyer-Brandis "Forest Green (Sleeping & Awakening)"
Federico Vladimir Strate Pezdirc, Pablo Esbert Lilienfeld Songs of Hain
Christian Faubel, Wolfgang Spahn Symbolic Grounding
Grace Philips, Laurie Robins Real Performance
Miriam J. Carranza Cosmic Dissociations (Express)
Rebecca Adam, Arhun Aksakal, Johannes Apelt, Josefin Arnell, Pauline Curnier Jardin, Sebastian Ebbing, Darius Grimm, Alice Hagenbruch, Hase & Zinser, Chris Lachmund, Marlon Middeke, Kerstin Rupprecht, Julia Stolba "Learning from Tropical Islands – Flamingo in Aspik"
Learning from Tropical Islands – Flamingo in Aspik
Bjørn Melhus The Theory of Freedom
BBB_ Fully Accessible Body
BBB_ Fully Accessible Body
Aaike Stuart Stone Works
Ann Oren The World Is Ours
Julia Weißenberg Hallstatt erleben [Hallstatt Experience]
Stefan Panhans HOSTEL
Wermke/Leinkauf 4. Halbzeit

 Golden Cube

All works selected for the exhibition Monitoring compete for the Golden Cube, the prize for the best media installation, endowed with 3.500 € and sponsored by the software company Micromata GmbH, located in Kassel.

Next to the “White Cube” of the showroom of contemporary art and the “Black Cube”, the room of film presentation painted black, the “Golden Cube” takes in an in-between position and explicitly promotes the interaction of spatial and audio-visual aspects of media installations. In 2016 the Golden Cube went to Ralph Schulz for "Testimonials".

The award winners of the past editions

2018: Grace Philips, Laurie Robins REAL PERFORMANCE 2017: Ralph Schulz TESTIMONIALS 2016: Lotte Meret SURFACE GLACE 2015: Gerald Schauder SKULPTUR21 2014: Bertrand Flanet: UNMANNED DISTANCES 2013: !Mediengruppe Bitnik: DELIVERY FOR MR. ASSANGE 2012: Emanuel Mathias NEBAHATS SCHWESTERN 2011: Anu Pennanen LA RUINE DE REGARDE 2010: Lukas Thiele / Tilman Hatje WASCHMASCHINE

Honorable mention of the past editions

2018: Wermke/Leinkauf 4. HALBZEIT 2017: Marlene Maier FOOD ONLY EXISTS IN PICTURES 2016: Jorlander Gsponder / Yves Netzhammer / Annette Brütsch / u.a. PETER LIECHTI – DEDICATIONS 2015: Kerstin Honeit Talking Business 2014: Daniel Laufer REDUX 2013: Franz Christoph Pfannkuch γαλαξίας (GALAXIS) 2011 Ryota Kuwakubo THE TENTH SENTIMENT 2010: Anthony McCall LEAVING [WITH TWO-MINUTE SILENCE]

Selection Committee

Lisa Dreykluft
Head of Monitoring

Kerstin Honeit
Artist / Assistant Professor, Kunsthochschule Kassel

Holger Jenss
Artist / Assistant Professor, Kunsthochschule Kassel

Franz Reimer
Artist / Curator

Eva Scharrer
Author / Curator

Anna-Lisa Scherfose

Olaf Val
Artist / Board Member, Kasseler Kunstverein / Associate Professor, Kunsthochschule Kassel

Gerhard Wissner Ventura
Head of Kassel Dokfest


Lisa Dreykluft 

Head of Monitoring

Exhibition Locations

Kasseler Kunstverein
Fridericianum, Friedrichsplatz 18

Kulturbahnhof Kassel
Rainer-Dierichs-Platz 1

Rainer-Dierichs-Platz 1


Monitoring archive