A continuum of creativity in which the moving images merge into the luminosity of the afterparty. Here, sounds blur the boundaries between the narrated and the danced. With DJs, live acts and installations, DokfestLounge invites filmmakers, artists and festival visitors for a great, shared storytelling and lets long festival days end in an inspiring way.

At DokfestLounge, we, the LoungeTeam, try to facilitate a safe space. If you feel uncomfortable or observe discrimination, please talk to us!

Wed., Nov. 15, – Sat.  Nov. 18, from 10:00 p.m., aka, Werner-Hilpert-Str. 22

Entrance 5,00€
Free entrance with accreditation or season ticket.

Wednesday, Nov. 15

Caustic und Yachty3K

Caustic and Yachty3K play back to back and celebrate the dynamic good vibes on the dancefloor.


Jeyrototo is a DJ from Munich known for her organic sets that are light and playful, yet emotionally profound. Her music is rooted in electronic music and ranges from energetic electro to atmospheric deep house and balearic, often integrating elements from hip-hop and RnB. She regularly plays in various clubs in Munich and Berlin and can be heard monthly on her show “The Weather Hour“ on Radio 80000, where her music selection is always inspired by the current weather.

Thursday, Nov. 16

Youngbin Noh
South Korean artist Youngbin Noh works on experimental videos and sound with an analog synthesizer. Searching for the intuition and timings of sounds, she manipulates her instrument to create strange realities.

Cat Woywod (it/they)
Cat Woywod’s live sound performances weave poetic post-apocalyptic environments out of field recordings, voice and samples – blurring the boundaries of time and space, the somatic and the digital, the artificial and the organic. For DokfestLounge it summons an oneiric live set between sound performance and DJing.

Shasti (they/dia) is ancestrally drawn to fast, cathartic, spirit-elevating and possessing music. They/dia will play a one-hour set of j-core and funkot in 180 bpm and higher. Shasti (they/dia) is artist-organizer with a transdisciplinary practice around sound and performance. Shasti produces and curates works with interdisciplinary art collectives TERRARISTA TV and dgtl fmnsm, and organizes community events such as “Indoqueer Diaspora Clubnight” with Insan Larasati.

Friday, Nov. 17

DJ Spark
DJ SPARK is back to dazzle you with bouncy high-power tunes. They like it fast & sweaty & hope you do too! See you on the dance floor. xoxo, sparkle sparkle

Sedaction is an artist and DJ currently based in Cologne. Spending her time in clubs for years – working and dancing her ass off – she started finding her place in mixing stylistically versatille energetic sounds. Connecting mostly rhythm and vibes, trying to break the boundaries for classic 4-to the floor sets by establishing electronic sounds from not only the western culture. This is her main focus in the selection. The Club Heart Broken member thrives to either make the crowd shake and dance hard or just chill and vibe to the      sounds. As there is no limit in genres you will hear everything from house, techno, electro to experimental, jazz, rap, soul to batida, dembow, gqom and govend and dabke and … just tune in. 

Saurday, Nov. 18     

Mo Chan
Mo Chan stands for a diverse and varied nightlife, for the unheard and unexpected from the depths of the music underground combined with the familiar. Thus creating a dynamic that tempts music lovers to forget the time, to not go home, but to order another drink and surrender to the dance floor. (Bianca Ludewig)

Yamour has been gaining a reputation for her versatility as a DJ, serving both techno and house music with equal passion and commitment. As a vinyl purist, she has developed a signature sound that draws from the roots of US house and techno, yet maintaining a contemporary twist that ensure her sets feel both current and timeless.

Serdi & Ease Up George        
Serdi and George with a 2 hour journey through various styles of house and techno music.

evolpeeD, the name already signifies this DJ’s love for deep and emotional groove sounds. With his long running radio show “salat alles“ on Munich’s Radio 80000, he has explored a variety of genres over the years and continues to tap into those influences for his sets. He is crafting a unique sonic journey that is deep, soulful, and undeniably groovy. His music is taking him across Europe from Germany, Austria to Croatia where he is a resident at the Lighthouse Festival and part of the infamous LHF Squad.

Installations (on all four days)

Hojin Kang – WEB ARi 2.0     
The Statue of Peace by Kim Seo-kyung and Kim Eun-sung, commemorates the so called "comfort women" – who were sexually enslaved by the Japanese military during the Asia-Pacific War. Summer 2022, the students committee of the University of Kassel welcomed the Statue of Peace, yet the University removed her this spring. “WEB ARi“ is the virtual sister of the Statue of Peace – a portable memorial for everyone that raises the question of who decides which artworks and memorials are shown in public spaces.

Malika Teßmann (Illustrations DokfestLounge)
Malika Teßmann is an illustrator who studies and works in Kassel. In her work she likes to depict animals and people in comic, absurd scenarios or dream worlds and tries to convey the mood atmospherically. In addition to illustration, she is also active in graphic design and occasionally draws comic strips.