The DokfestConnection is the festival meeting point on four evenings from 10:30 p.m. It is the communicative interface for filmmakers and visitors and combines the cultural nightlife of Kassel with a program of club visuals and VJ sets. This is where moving images and sound meet, interact directly with the audience and the room, and invite you to relax, exchange ideas and dance after a long day at the festival.

Palo Santo and cigarettes, empty but filled up at the same time, cold and wet – and simultaneously – warm and dry, blinded by darkness, intimately intermingling in the rhythm, brutal sensuality, opening into closure, dangerous embraces, overknee stilletos at the barefoot club, Rockpalast presents jazz fusion, rough but still comfortable, a kids‘ math game tattoed on your ass cheek, construction sites on unowned property, sipping on caipirinhas between piles of rubble. Bringing people back in contact with their vital bodily, emotional, communal and spiritual energies, transfering them to a different plane, changing their conditions, offering to them an ecstatic, oceanic experience. All of this can be understood in terms of a contemporary performance of enchanting – Taking Kurt B. Reighley at his word: DJs are modern-day shamans.

Entrance 5,00€

Free entrance for accredited guests. Bring your proof of vaccination or recovery.

38. Dokfest | Connection | DJ`s & VJ`s

Serdi FM
Charlotte H. Simon
Acid Bostan & DJ Smidek
DJ Swagger
DJ Trompete & DJoy

WIESE | daily from 10:30 p.m. Werner-Hilpert-Straße 22, 34117 Kassel

Wednesday 17.11. VJ MFG: I Sprouting | Johanna is a DJ and event organizer from Frankfurt. As part of the female DJ Crew GG Vybe, she has been involved in organizing parties and cultural events in the Rhein-Main area since 2019. Johanna is always aiming to reveal new and existing connections between music, nightlife and socially relevant topics. In her sets, she is less concerned with genre than with mood, combining various electronic sounds from house to breakbeat to catchy club edits. Kassel based music enthusiast takes you on a two hour journey through different types of electronic music. Serdi is involved in Kassel based Radio Rasclat and outlet label.

Thursday 18.11. VJ MFG: II Blossoming | Charlotte Simon from Frankfurt eclectically and associatively plays a dancy mix of electronic Body'n'Mind music using records, MP3s and a microphone. More fun facts about her: She is Co-owner of the label MMODEMM and Wheel of Fortune, part of performance group Les Trucs, visual artist and performer, as well as a donkey-assisted therapy practitioner. For the 38. Edition of Kassel Dokfest, DJ Smidek (Berlin) and Acid Bostan (Berlin) will finally be dusting off their USB sticks after the Corona-related break and get back in the DJ booth together! Since 2015, they have been active as part of the CEREALS collective in Berlin and Kassel, and together they curate music events and exhibitions in clubs and alternative spaces. Arkaoda Bar resident DJ Smidek also hosts a monthly show called "Waking up with Cereals" on French online radio station "LYL Radio". Their musical interest is rooted in the weird 80s and flows into current multi-genre music trends via breaky 90s electronics.

Friday 19.11. VJ MFG: III Withering | Cajoux (she/they), is Mozambican, German DJ and producer, who draws from her diverse cultural influences and heritage, bringing a diverse palette of music including hidden gems out of Africa and its diaspora. Her sets of syncopated and polyrhythmic beats, spanning Kuduro, Baile Funk and Afro House, are designed to get you grooving and take you on an adventure you never knew you needed. Her musical practice is about creating avenues for connection, self-discovery and collective healing. First and foremost she wants to create opportunities for fun and joy! Since coming onto the Cape Town scene in late 2019, she’s quickly made a name for herself, having already played with Floyd Lavine, and other local favourites. She’s also been featured on DJ Simbad’s Worldwide FM Show. The musical whiz kid, DJ and producer from Bielefeld, Germany. He’s been making music for 8 years now with over 30 vinyl releases (as “DJ Swagger” but also under his house alias “Interstate”). Since 2019 he’s been running his own record label Goddess Music. In his spare time he plays piano and guitar, bass in a rock band and competes in video games. His unique and punkish style is hard to put your finger on. It’s playful, bassy, breaky, funky & raw UKG.

Saturday 20.11. VJ MFG: IV Composting | DJoy and DJ Trompete from Munich radio station Radio 80000 will bring the musical diversity of their home station to Kassel. From Brasil Funk to UK Jungle, what unites their selections is bass, the non-obvious, and first and foremost: FUN. To get a taste in advance, listen to their radio shows Joyride and Office Dance. Yippiehyeahyeah screaming regurgitating whispering snippets and memories and anecdotes and visual snow and shocks of micro worlds and flourishing and mischief. Everything is sacred! Everyone is sacred! Anywhere you are is holy! Every day is eternity! Every person is an angel! MFG, video artist from Kassel. Mash-up cut-up beat-up.

For accredited guests only:

The 38th Kassel Documentary Film and Video Festival invites all accredited guests on Thursday, November 18, and on Friday, November 19, between 5:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. to DokfestConnection. They will have the opportunity to connect with each other, the festival makers, and the festival team of all sections in an informal atmosphere. These events will take place under consideration of the current hygiene measures under ‘2G’ guidelines. To attend, a proof of status as vaccinated or recovered is required.

We thank the wine store Schluckspecht for their kind support.