Hessian University Film Day

The Hessian University Film Day, a non-public event for invited professionals and accredited festival guests. As part of the Hessian University Film Day (HHFT), four universities that have a film program present their best and newest feature, animation, experimental and documentary films to an audience of industry insiders and pitch their newest ideas. The goal of the Hessian University Film Day is to build a connection between Hessian students and graduates and the film and TV industry, in order to promote future collaboration. Every year, the HHFT specifically invites journalists, producers, heads of other festivals, distribution partners and members of various institutions of education. After the screenings, the professionals make a preselection for the HESSEN TALENTS, a hFMA project, which will be presented at the European Film Market within the Berlinale. To further intensify the exchange for the HHFT, not only students are invited to present themselves and their projects, but the industry professionals also get a chance to give some information about their work and themselves. In addition, all visitors will have the opportunity to provide students with targeted feedback. For the HHFT is supported by the Kassel Dokfest and the hessische Film- und Medienakademie (hFMA), and organized and implemented by students of the Kunsthochschule Kassel.

Distribution in Profile

Starting in 2014, the Kassel Documentary Film and Video Festival expanded its profile by the presentation of a renowned European film and media distributor, addressing both structural aspects and the substance of their activities.

International Film Festivals in Profile

Since 2014, Kassel Documentary Film and Video Festival has been presenting an international film festival, serving, on the one hand, to extend the festival’s profile, and, on the other, to document the festival’s connection with other, similarly-orientated organizations.

University Portrayal

Every year, Kassel Documentary Film and Video Festival presents (independent from the selected works from the official competition) a film school from another European country. For this purpose, a few of the students of the respective university are together with their professors invited to Kassel to present their latest works. Subsequently to the screenings, discussions offer the audience the possibility to talk to both the lecturer and the young talents. The audience is able to extend its knowledge about European film, teaching models at film schools in other European countries and to establish mutually important contacts.


Der 9. Hessische Hochschulfilmtag - Die Hochschulen und ihr Profil
Der 9. Hessische Hochschulfilmtag
Die Moderatorinnen des 9. Hessischen Hochschulfilmtags
Kulturdezernentin der Stadt Kassel, Susanne Völker
Chaterine Lieser, von der HessenFilm und Medien GmbH
Das Fachpublikum des 9. Hessischen Hochschulfilmtages
Distribution im Profi – Collectif Jeune Cinéma: An den Grenzen des experimentellen Kinos vorgestellt von Théo Deliyannis
Internationale Filmfestivals und ihr Profil – Vilnius International Documentary Film Festival vorgestellt von Vilma Levickaité
Rita Valiukonytė vom Lithuanian Culture Institute
Hochschulportrait Hochschule Luzern Design & Kunst
Hochschulportrait Hochschule Luzern Design & Kunst Jane Mumford und Edith Flückiger
Hochschulportrait Hochschule Luzern Design & Kunst Jane Mumford und Edith Flückiger
Profis Plaudern Praxis X / Praxis Dokfest
Referenten Christian Stadach, Thomas Meudt, Stephan Zimmermann
Referenten Christian Stadach, Thomas Meudt, Stephan Zimmermann
InZwischenZeit:Filme – Alicia-Eva Rost und Rafael Bujotzek

Special Exhibition BITUMEN & LAVENDER OIL

An exhibition by students of the Ecole Media Art Fructidor Chalon-sur-Saone, France and the class of Film and Moving Image of the School of Art and Design Kassel.

Involved in the project are: Abebi Moubachirou, Afri Graetz, Alejandra Montoya, Alexandra Munzer, Alix Kokula, Alma Weber, Ambroise Duvignacq, Arthur Grossjean, Bahi Panahi, Carolane Spiteri, Christina Gradtke, Chloe Dhont, Daniel Hellwig, Denis Bause, Gwendoline Bernuzzi, Jan Heise, Jan Peters, Joey Arand, Johan Steinmetz, Johanna Gros, Lara Rohde, Laurent Montaront, Leane Souillot, Leonard Volkmer, Linda Kollen, Lucas Melzer, Madeleine Aktypi, Malika Salama, Mathieu Moreau, Maxime Ducharme, Micka Dulion, Nawal El Mediri, Robin Andre Souch, Robin Voisin, Silke Korber, Soren Senkok, Thomas Boussaid, Tobi Sauer, Volko Kamensky, Woondo Lee, Yan Li, Yuai Zhang

Special exhibition: BITUMEN & LAVENDEROIL

Auriea Harvey: Lecture performance and exhibition

It is part of a tradition that the Kassel Dokfest holds dear that we keep an eye on the local (art) scene and detect both deviations and complementations. This brings current and relevant developments to the fore and presents new artistic positions from the area of audiovisual media to a wider audience. For years, the Kassel Dokfest has had a particularly close connection to the Kassel Academy of Fine Arts, not least through having featured works by students. This year, the Kassel Dokfest presents real time artist Auriea Harvey who, since the summer semester of 2018, teaches the very first class for Games at the Kassel School of Art and Design. In a lecture performance, Auriea Harvey will talk about her work and projects and will invite the audience to join her immersing into virtual reality. In the foyer of the BALi cinema, some of her current works will be exhibited for the course of the whole festival.

Auriea Harvey – Lecture Performance and Ehibition