Of neo-Nazis and superheroes – How the far right is changing a small German town

kleines BALi

It was the largest right-wing rock concert of the German post war era: In summer 2017, over 6000 neo-Nazis from all over Europe assembled in the small town of Themar. The film shows how Themar became a stronghold of the right-wing music scene and how the small town has since changed. There’s a rift within Themar: between right wing extremists, their opponents and the ones who prefer not to confront it. In the film, all relevant parties get a chance to speak. The underlying infrastructures, logistics, community feeling and creativity on both sides become visible. The film analyses the pragmatic as well as ideological circumstances which enable a societal shift to the extrem right. And it portrays the forms of protest and self-empowerment the citizens of Themar came up with. A complex example of what it means to live in and for a democracy.

  • Duration: 00:56:00 Min.
  • Countries: Germany
  • Languages: German
  • Production year: 2018