Adelheid, Kornelius & the Deaths


They have been married for 53 years – Adelheid and Kornelius. In the southern Hessian town of Gelnhausen they are well known – riding tandem or out and about in their handcart, loudly reciting the bible in Spanish. Physical and mental Fitness as well as ecological principles are being upheld. The roles are strictly allotted: Kornelius firmly sets the tone, Andelheid in her self-tailored, often flashy outfits makes her casual remarks. Since her beloved was diagnosed with cancer, they have had to confront the subject of having to part. Nevertheless, with stubbornness and a Hessian sense of humor, they struggle courageously to stay a bike length or two ahead of the grim reaper for as long as possible.

  • Duration: 01:31:01 Min.
  • Countries: Germany, Spain
  • Languages: German
  • Subtitles: English
  • Production year: 2018