Afraid Doesn't Exist

| #2 The Revolution Begun Here, Now
(BALi, KulturBahnhof Kassel)

Based on her own childhood experiences from before 1990, the artist Anna Zett has assembled video and audio material from the “GDR Opposition Archive” in Berlin into an intense and poetic short thriller. Between picture and sound the film stirs up memories of violence and resistance that are difficult to access today, while at the same time opening up a space for emotional and political resonance, recovering reality in the moment of transformation.

  • Duration: 31 Min.
  • Countries: Germany
  • Languages: German
  • Subtitles: English
  • Production year: 2023

  • Director: Anna Zett
  • Editing: Anna Zett
  • Sound: Jochen Jezussek
  • Music: Matti Gajek
  • Production: Anna Zett
  • Nominated: Goldener Key