Immersion at Planetarium – Best of Fulldome 2018

Planetarium in der Orangerie

The fact that the modern Planetarium features more than just astronomy shows reflects the international boom of the fulldome medium. Images, sounds, films and stories have escaped the confinements of the flat, rectangular screen, expanding into, and exploring new immersive spaces.

Producing a fulldome film is a highly complex task. The results challenge the audience to adopt new viewing habits and force filmmakers to rethink the principles of art and media design in the 360°-environment. Yet the allure of immersion justifies the effort.

These days, almost everyone has experienced VR-glasses and 360°-images. They have already be- come part of the digital mainstream. But Fulldome is still fairly unfamiliar to many. Gigantic projec- tions onto a 360°dome completely surround the viewers and let them fully immerge into breath- taking worlds. Unlike VR this immersion offers a collective experience.

Initiated by Rotraut Pape in 2016, the Kassel Dok- fest continues to show and discuss award winning fulldome films from the program of the Jena Full- Dome Festival. Klaus Dufke (FH Potsdam), Rotraut Pape (HfG Offenbach) as well as Micky Remann (Bauhaus-Universität Weimar) have compiled the best-of-program and will also be presenting it. Completely submerging into an illusion is an an- cient goal of humanity and art.

The Dome had always been a special place in the course of our cultural history: As a place of refuge and worship (caves), as an interface (church), a manifestation of power (architecture) and imagi- nation (holodeck) or spirituality (firmament). After special planetariums were equipped with new projection technology, an innovative, audiovisual medium arose, taking account of this very special spatial situation in immersive experienced films: the fulldome film.

The audience is surrounded by images and sound and has to move independently to follow the stories. Liberated from the perspective of the external observer, one no longer sits in front of the stage or screen but rather in the midst of things and from then on shifts into the center of the world as viewer.


Due to the limited number of seats we ask you to reserve a ticket in advance: Tue – Sun 10:00 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Thu 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.; phone: (+49) 561-31680-500. There is a limited contingent of free tickets for accredited guests.


Single ticket. . . . . . . .6,- / 4,- €


  • Duration: 4 Min.
  • Director: Nicolas Gebbe


Liminality is a collaboration of cultures and technology. Four dancers move from industrial to coastal landscapes, in South Wales, Delhi and Goa. The piece highlights the similarities these two… >>>

  • Duration: 10 Min.
  • Director: 4Pi Productions


  • Duration: 5 Min.
  • Director: Adam Streicher, Friedrich Busch


  • Duration: 4 Min.
  • Director: Jakob Wulfert, Ioannis Oriwol


  • Duration: 4 Min.
  • Director: Fides Velten, Karina Schmidlin, Stefanie Seufer, S Raban Brauner, Aaron Van Dijk, Dorian Behner, Gowryrahm Mohan, Eneko Ezquerro Gómez

Kyiz ui

  • Duration: 6 Min.
  • Director: Diana Suyerbayeva