i am a

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(BALi, KulturBahnhof Kassel)

A day by the sea, a misty view into the open, feet in the surf, groynes and seagulls, two shadowy figures in the distance. And from the off, a cheerful song sings: "i'm alone here because it's foggy and rains. But I don't give a shit, and the waves come back [...] I am a photographer, in motion and in still." Dagie Brundert has been working with Super 8 films for more than three decades, often taking the personal, the mundane, and creating a cinematic mythology all her own from it. Her latest film, developed in algae, vitamin C and washing soda, takes a look at the horizon, at the ground where one's own body meets the world. And casually asks profound questions. What do you see, when you look upon yourself?

  • Duration: 2 Min.
  • Countries: Germany
  • Languages: German, English
  • Subtitles: No subtitles
  • Production year: 2022

  • Nominated: A38-Production Grant Kassel-Halle