Sketches of Germany

BALi Kinos


SOLITAIRE is an impression, made from documentary film material and radio broadcasts of the late 1950s until 1972. It was culled exclusively from the Hessian Broadcasting Corporation’s (hr) archives.… >>>

  • Duration: 2 Min.
  • Director: Laura J. Padgett


Brunswick, Germany: My 93-year-old grandmother's property is surrounded by a wooden fence that holds her world together inside.… >>>

  • Duration: 20 Min.
  • Director: Karsten Krause

1550 San Remo Drive

1550 SAN REMO DRIVE was filmed in February 2017 on the premises of the Thomas Mann House in Pacific Palisades, California, USA. The video features quotes from diaries of Thomas Mann (1940-1943),… >>>

  • Duration: 18 Min.
  • Director: Niklas Goldbach


The summer of 2010. I visit my mother. The bags include a camcorder. Mother cuts my hair. The light is cast in abundance into the otherwise rather gloomy kitchen. I capture the moment with my camera.… >>>

  • Duration: 25 Min.
  • Director: Anna Irma Hilfrich

Sorge 87

Sorge 87 deals with my parents' migration history. They came to the former GDR as so-called "guest workers" in 1987. With the aid of different perspectives; the humorous story full of memories is… >>>

  • Duration: 10 Min.
  • Director: Thanh Nguyen Phuong