Monitoring: This Image Will Become Important Later - Ausstellung für Medieninstallationen

The exhibition for the 40th Kassel Dokfest brings together 19 media installations that trace visual regimes, reflect on the power of images (and sounds), and examine their functional potential. In doing so, the artists consider images primarily as media of changing worldviews and as carriers and structuring elements of information. They examine gaze and representation, the psychological, social, cultural and technical conditions of the production and reception of images.

The title of this year’s Monitoring exhibition This Image Will Become Important Later is borrowed from Thomas Mader’s installation all heat and no light and refers to this increased importance of images and their influence on opinions and perceptions. It looks at how images become signs, and how they are interpreted, appropriated, reshaped and instrumentalized – whether circulating memes or archival images.

// Monitoring: This Image Will Become Important Later // At a glance //

November 15 – 19, 2023
Opening on Wednesday November 15 at 8:00 p.m. at Kasseler Kunstverein


Thu. - Sat., Nov. 16-18, 3:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.
Sun., Nov 19, 12:00 noon - 8:00 p.m.

KASSELER KUNSTVEREIN | Friedrichsplatz 18, 34117 Kassel

Ulu Braun: St. Mickeyland, Berlin (Germany) 2023
Claire Davies: Game of Hope, London (United Kingdom) 2023
Natalia Escobar: Traviesas, Berlin/Santuario (Germany/Colombia) 2023
Franzis Kabisch: getty abortions, Berlin/Vienna (Germany/Austria) 2023
Tanita Olbrich: Ring, Hamburg (Germany) 2023
Sunny Pfalzer: I Know What to Do, Vienna/Zurich (Austria/Switzerland) 2023
Silke Schwarz: Always on Display, Palma de Mallorca (Spain) 2022
Poyen Wang: Endearing Insanity, New York City/Taipei (USA/Taiwan), 2022


Andric Späth: Police vs. Society — Eine kritische Reflexion über die Polizeiarbeit und ihre Auswirkungen auf das Leben der Betroffenen, Kassel (Germany) 2022


Daniel Franke: GAN CHIMERA, Essen (Germany) 2023


Iván Argote: Levitate, Paris (Colombia/France) 2023
Alice Brygo: Le Mal des Ardents [Ardent Other], Paris (France) 2022
Peter Behrbohm und Markus Bühler: The Technate – Follow the Wires into a Dynamic Equilibrium among Engergy-Consuming Devices, Berlin (Germany/USA) 2023
Juejun Chen: Mechanical Resonance, Kassel (Germany) 2023
YoungEun Kim: 청음훈련 [Ear Training], Santa Cruz/Seoul (USA/Korea) 2022
Thomas Mader: all heat and no light, Berlin (Germany) 2023
Lera Malchenko und Oleksandr Hants (fantastic little splash): see also, Berlin/Uzhhorod (Deutschland/Ukraine) 2023
Nazlı Moripek: Wiederkehrende Erinnerung und deren zeitliche Wirkung, Frankfurt am Main/Prizren/Istanbul (Germany/Kosovo/Turkey) 2022
Thorsten Wagner: Letzter Transfer, Kassel/Hamburg (Germany) 2023

18 media installations are nominated for the Golden Cube, endowed with 3,500 €, donated by the Kassel-based software company Micromata GmbH.

Monitoring takes place in cooperation with the Kasseler Kunstverein and the Stellwerk.