Profis Plaudern Praxis XV: The Right Film in the Right Spot – Placement, Distribution and Marketing for Film and Media Productions

Film markets are exclusive spaces during film festivals that young film and media professionals have little idea of at the beginning of their professional careers. Among other things, filmmakers, producers, distributors, and sponsors meet there, projects are presented, pitched, and traded. It is the place where the industrial side of the sector accumulates. Knowledge of film markets and festivals seems to be a blind spot that needs to be examined – in terms of relevance to one's own work. At the latest at the end of a film and media-related course of study, the question after how to earn money with one's own works or skills arises. Reflecting this in connection to the importance of film markets is the claim of Profis Plaudern Praxis XV. The event aims to give access to the mystery that is film markets and film festivals and to classify its potential. Speakers from various fields will share their unique assessments of what is happening in a film market, how it works, for whom and when it is worthwhile to participate, and what forms of participation are possible. 

Four short lectures open up different perspectives on film markets and film festivals. On the same day November 17, individual queries can be addressed in a moderated panel discussion and one-on-one conversations taking place at the Medienprojektzentrum Offener Kanal in Kassel or via Zoom. The language of the event is German however the one-on-one-conversations can also be in English. The lectures and one-on-one conversations are primarily addressed to students from the network of the Hessian Film and Media Academy (hFMA) and the participants of the 14th Hessian University Film Day. Other interested parties are welcome to join as well. Since 2010, the series Profis Plaudern Praxis has been held in cooperation with the hFMA. The section considers itself as a platform for further education of film and media professionals. In lectures and workshops, experts share profound practical knowledge and discuss new developments in the industry.

In preparation, we present four short teaser interviews here. 

Registrations are possible until November 16 with Anna Bell:

Poster Design: Rebecca Scheibke  

Interview with Jutta Wille I AG Kurzfilm

Interview with Dascha Petuchow I Plotlessfilm

Interview with Johanna Dathe I European Film Market

Interview with Jakob Zapf I Neopol Film