#10 The Whole Truth About Me

(BALi, KulturBahnhof Kassel)

A girl and a boy are looking for the ideal third party. They find him, a handsome young man with shiny skin. They ambush their victim in a garden hedge. With a bouquet of flowers in her hand, which is covered with strange insects, a woman talks about the theft of her identity and the thief. Lale stands in a cave in the woods. She is approached by a woman, it is herself. From identity theft to loss of control, from one’s own clone to vampire love affairs and insect bites, from documentary to genre fiction à la Twilight – goosebumps are sure to accompany this year’s horror program. (Azin Feizabadi)

A Kind of Testament

A young woman stumbles across animations on the internet that were obviously created from her private selfies. A stranger with the same name confesses to identity theft. But death is faster than the answer to the question: "Why?"… >>>

  • Duration: 16 Min.
  • Director: Stephen Vuillemin

Uncanny Me

Lale has been working as a model for eight years. But working on the surface increasingly exhausts her. The idea of being virtually cloned to make her avatar work for her sounds tempting. Does reality even matter anymore?… >>>

  • Duration: 44 Min.
  • Director: Katharina Pethke, Christoph Rohrscheidt