Hygiene concept

With the motto Back to the cinema, the Kassel Dokfest would like to encourage all film enthusiasts to attend the screenings. Even during the corona pandemic, the cinema room is a safe place in compliance with the distance rules: the cinemas throughout Germany have been successively reopening since June 2020 and so far no case of transmission of corona virus in the context of a screening is known.

This is due to clear regulations, the strict implementation of hygiene concepts and the responsible consideration of other guests and employees.

Individual health has top priority.

Cinemas are a place of togetherness, the festival an event of exchange and shared experience. So that this can also be the case this year, the Kassel Dokfest implements the requirements and recommendations of the federal government, the state and the city in accordance with the ongoing updates and appeals to conscious personal responsibility.

In order to clear up misunderstandings and create a conscious basis for visiting the festival, here are the "golden AHA + L + C rules" for on-site cooperation:

A - Please keep a distance of 1.5m.

H - Hygiene etiquette, such as regular washing and disinfecting of hands, must be observed.

A - Please always wear mouth and nose protection. Exception: occupied seats in the cinema.

L - The (cinema) rooms are ventilated between the performances.

C - The use of the Corona warning app is recommended

The following measures are also implemented:

+ Registration: All visitors must leave their contact details at the entrance before the screening. These will be destroyed after 4 weeks. If the cinema ticket was purchased online, registration has already been completed.

+ Queues and crowds are avoided through advance booking options and, where possible, “Fast Tracks” (the split entry for people who already have a ticket and those who buy it on site).

+ Separate entrances and exits reduce the accumulation size.

+ The contact surfaces of the seats in the cinema are disinfected between screenings.

+ The consumption of food in the queue and in the cinema foyer should be avoided.