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Filmladen, 19:30 h
Apple and Volcano – In Search of What Remains

Apple and Volcano – In Search of What Remains

Initially, Nathalie Oestreicher and her friend Fabienne wanted to make a film about the reality of being a mother, both of them having two small children. Then Fabienne is diagnosed with terminal cancer, and that changes everything. As Nathalie was a child herself when her father and brother died, Fabienne asks her about it, to understand what her children will experience. So she starts to look at her own divided family history. And asks herself: What remains after someone is gone? What does it signify for those outliving them? What will be remembered and what forgotten? A film about life.

  • Schweiz
  • 01:21:00
  • Director: Nathalie Oestreicher
  • Production: Stella Händler
  • Photography: Séverine Barde, Milivoj Ivkovic
  • Editing: Loredana Cristelli
  • Music: Beni Mosele
  • Sound: Olivier JeanRichard
  • Languages: de
  • Subtitles: en
  • Year: 2017
  • Website
  • German Premiere