Blind Spot (Off-Screen II)

BALi Kinos

The framing of the camera, the choice of the picture frame, always is a deliberate choice: It decides, who and what will be seen and who and what won’t. The frame delineates our gaze, it focuses our attention, constrains our reception, fades out what is invisible. What is outside the frame, remains unseen. Tunnel vision emerges, and what lies beyond the corridor of perception only radiates a diffuse sense of threat into the peripheral field of view from time to time. A program on representation, ways of exploding the image frame, and the responsibility of aiming the camera.

Night Horse

This dreamlike film was entirely composed with footage from unsecured live surveillance cameras. A horse in different shapes, obscurity, digital artefacts and an electroacoustic soundscape are the main travelers on an abstract journey through the night. Seen through the eyes of the surveillance machines, the world becomes an eerie place. Trapped inside the paranoid nocturnal eye of the observer, we wonder, what lies beyond its field of view.… >>>

  • Duration: 19 Min.
  • Director: Jeroen Van der Stock

Vever (for Barbara)

A cross-generational binding of three filmmakers seeking alternative possibilities to the power structures they are inherently part of. Each woman extends her gaze like an offered hand to a subject she is outside of. Vever (for Barbara) grew out of the abandoned film projects of Maya Deren and Barbara Hammer. Shot at the furthest point of a motorcycle trip Hammer took to Guatemala in 1975, and laced through with Derens reflections on failure, encounter, and initiation in 1950s Haiti. A film about the power and the responsibility behind the camera.… >>>

  • Duration: 12 Min.
  • Director: Deborah Stratman

Meanwhile on Set...

Meanwhile on Set… centers conditions of acting for British black actresses. Actors veer from the filmmaking process, question the context of their surroundings, breakdown, and misbehave like viruses disrupting a sometimes subtly, sometimes overtly racist system. Three women of color revolt: against the orders of the director, the film’s narration, the insinuations of the talk master. Against a system, that denies, falsifies, exploits and renders invisible their identities, their bodies and their (hi)stories.… >>>

  • Duration: 15 Min.
  • Director: Jennifer Martin

He Had Got Certain Vibes

An old-fashioned domestic scene, an obsolete still life gets disrupted by the powers of the unknown. The borders between reality and fiction, the paranormal and the everyday become blurred, the impermeability of the frame is put into question… >>>

  • Duration: 3 Min.
  • Director: Greta Alfaro


In SWATTED video gamers describe their struggles with "swatting", a life-threatening cyber-harassment phenomenon, in which people are targeted through falsified emergency calls that trigger SWAT team interventions (SWAT = Special Weapons And Tactics) at their homes, preferably while they are live streaming their games. Using interviews, found footage, and manipulated in-game images, the film constructs a view of a world, in which the monitor used to interact with virtual worlds becomes a permeable portal and the game manifests as a real threat inside the teenagers’ bedrooms.… >>>

  • Duration: 21 Min.
  • Director: Ismaël Joffroy Chandoutis