Balancing Act

BALi Kinos

The search or the desire – whether consciously or unconsciously – for balance, is an ubiquitous phenomenon. Everyone struggles in their own way with the (im-)balance between the ego and the other, between the inner and the outer world, between the past and the future, between one's own history and the infinite possibilities of continuing it. Finding, keeping, losing and finding the balance again also bothers the protagonists of the films listed.


Ukrainian wasteland. A girl, whose only treasure is a painted Easter egg is shocked, as her grandmother puts a freshly slaughtered chicken on the table. Confronted with death for the firs time, she… >>>

  • Duration: 7 Min.
  • Director: Maryna Miliushchanka


  • Duration: 2 Min.
  • Director: Filip Dippel


Sometimes we feel out of balance. What if the only way to restore the harmony within is by connecting with other people? Some never stop trying gilding their ego and thus they remain isolated. … >>>

  • Duration: 12 Min.
  • Director: Monika Kostrzewa


  • Duration: 13 Min.
  • Director: Julia Majewski

Hey Du

The protagonist in hey du. played and portrayed by artist Paula Godinez talks directly from her dark bedroom into her computer´s webcam. The work explores intimacy through the lens of vulnerability as… >>>

  • Duration: 5 Min.
  • Director: Paula Godínez

Not that Important

it's cold/6 o'clock/24° celsius.
the persistence of memory must be provided by somebody.
have I not made myself clear?… >>>

  • Duration: 4 Min.
  • Director: Miguel Wysocki


UPSNDOWNS is about weighing the possibillities. Through overlapping and clear dissociations there is a point... which as soon as it is reached already becomes lost again… >>>

  • Duration: 2 Min.
  • Director: Elisa Heinemann


Blumfeld seems to be unhappy. But who is to blame? His surroundings, which create conflicts constantly? Or he himself who is unable to bridge the rift that seperates him from these surroundings - and… >>>

  • Duration: 20 Min.
  • Director: Tobi Sauer