Kasseler Dokfest is a guest at the Biarritz FIPADOC

Kasseler Dokfest is a guest at the Biarritz FIPADOC, Festival International Documentaire January 22–27, successor to Fipa! Three representatives of the major German documentary film festivals will talk about their event and it's editorial line.

Adele Kohout, Deputy managing director, programme selection (DOK.fest München)

Leena Pasanen, Managing and Artistic Director (DOK Leipzig)

Gerhard Wissner, Festival Director (Kasseler Dokfest)

C. Cay Wesnigk, Director, Producer, Author (AG DOK) presents the panel

The Dokfest is also pleased to announce the participation of two short films from Kassel, which ran in the section GOLDEN HERCULES in 2013 and 2016 and can now be seen in the opening shorts of FIPADOC:

BEYONCE by Lisa Dreykluft, Germany, 2013, 5min.

FRANKFURTER STRASSE 99a by Evgenia Gostrer, Germany, 2016, 5min.

In the section "Focus Germany" the film ISLAND OF THE HUNGRY GHOSTS will be shown, which was screened at the 35th Kassel Dokfest, and DAS SANDMÄDCHEN, which was shown in Kassel as part of the "365 Tage Dokumentarfilm" series.