Kasseler Dokfest goes DokfestOnline

Dear viewers, dear film lovers, dear friends of the Kassel Dokfest,

With the decision of the federal government on Wednesday it is now clear that none of our planned events can take place on site and especially in the cinema. The festival takes place, but in a different form and in the framework in which it is possible: With a few exceptions, all short and feature films are online as DokfestStreams from November 18. until 11/27 available on our homepage as a direct link in the program or at https://kasseler-dokfest.culturebase.org

The workshop conference interfiction (www.interfiction.org) and the 11th Hessian University Film Day (www.hhft.info) can also be found online, but at their own web addresses.

The DokfestChannels will also be available on our homepage - discursive offers from the festival and from friends and network partners as an excerpt from our special programs - such as the DJ sets of the DokfestConnection (formerly DokfestLounge) and ProfisPlaudernPraxis.

We will continue to award the prizes and are working on a solution for how the award ceremony can take place virtually. Possibly. part of the originally planned opening will also be accessible online. At the moment there is still a lot going on and we have to find out how we can implement things.

Stay tuned & stay healthy,

your Kasseler Dokfest