Black Hole

(BALi, KulturBahnhof Kassel)

Which side of the door are you on? Is reality controllable through the act of filming. The works move between attraction and repulsion, in- and outside world, control and the loss of it as they suck the audience in tragic-comic parallel universes. Objects and emotions implode, the act of waiting expands into infinity, a zodiac is the reason for family exclusion, home doesn't feel like it. 360° images of personal items in the father's house end in a spiraling maelstrom of found footage from data centers and server farms. Dynamisms between bodies and time on film. What leaves, what stays?

Haunting Home

HEIM SUCHEN takes us on a journey to the inside, inside the parent's house and inside personal belongings collected there over the decades. From the trivial commodity to the model of our galaxy, every object in the house seems to save a unique habitat in them, which only the father seems to be able to encode. Fragmented he reveals to us the cosmos of things, inquires after value and meaninglessness, and after whatever remains. Gather uses the app "Street View" for the journey through the house. Established by Google to exploratively grasp the world, the digital 360° images implode in the house and weave psychedelically searching – including the typical ghostly error images – the rooms and things of the father.… >>>

  • Duration: 23 Min.
  • Premiere: World Premiere
    • Director: Oliver Gather

    Shnei anasim yagiu, im balonim (Two People Will Come, with Balloons)

    While her mother is undergoing surgery, the director documents the act of waiting. When the time stretches as it does in a hospital, every passer-by, every gesture takes on a meaning. Desperately and whimsically she examines whether she could control reality through the act of filming, but soon reality shatters her efforts and leaves the terrible waiting time in her hands, as it is – infinite.… >>>

    • Duration: 11 Min.
  • Premiere: Europe Premiere
    • Director: Hadas Neuman

    它们在门外 (They Are outside the Door)

    This is the story of what happened two days before and two days after my cousin's wedding. Since the Taoist said my zodiac was bad and would bring bad luck to the wedding, I had to stay alone in a room. The door of that room became my only channel through which I could communicate with the outside world at that time. The people and the things you can see, are the entire world I can see.… >>>

    • Duration: 15 Min.
    • Director: Zonghua Li

    The Spiral

    A WhatsApp audio begins, and with it, a downward spiral unfolds. The voice of a woman sinking into a health anxiety attack, quickly entangles a complex labyrinth of fears and emotions. The Spiral is a dive into a lonely ride, a hypnotic escalation towards childhood, family, and the loneliness of “home”. Does home really feel like home?… >>>

    • Duration: 19 Min.
  • Premiere: German Premiere
    • Director: María Silvia Esteve


    VS (or virtual spiral) revolves around the dynamisms between bodies and time on film. Digital video and expired 16mm film form the source material for the audiovisual transformation of the processual of time and (film) body through spiraling camera movements. Opposing movements, distance and closeness, or depth and surface engage in a constant dialogue here. The spiral runs like a red thread through the film. For the effect of the spiral movement, artist Lydia Nsiah invented a tracking apparatus whose movements she controlled live during filming.… >>>

    • Duration: 8 Min.
  • Nominated: A38-Production Grant Kassel-Halle
    • Director: Lydia Nsiah