University Portrayal

KulturBahnhof Kassel

// The film program presents a cross-section of the courses at the filmArche. In addition to a film that was submitted to the filmArche for application (BLACKOUT) there are practice films from the different classes, a graduation film (FALTENROCK) as well as a film that was made during our long lasting exchange with the film school in Bamenda,Cameroon (DEMIAN). In order to develop an own style, the filmArche especially promotes the examination of different possibilities and formats of the documentary. This is reflected in the versatile program, which shows classical documentary films as well as various aesthetic variations in documentary format.

Two siblings, traumatized by a tragic childhood event. Their father had been arrested by the French militia and handed over to the German occupying forces for deportation. In their struggle to fill the gaps of their memory they frequently blackout… >>>

  • Duration: 5 Min.
  • Director: Janni Christiane Jungblut

How are our experiences drawn onto our bodies, how do they merge with our identities eventually even becoming ourselves A film about the return to a home that is both healing and painful, and a post-migratory negotiation of a family’s memory.… >>>

  • Duration: 3 Min.
  • Director: Rocío Carline Riekesmann

On November 14, 2019, four young Bolognese orchestrate a flashmob with a clear message that they want to bring to the public space: NO! to right agitation and hate. And so, thousands come together on the Piazza Maggiore – jammed up like Sardines in a tin – to spread the message from Bologna around the world. Thus, they spread under the banner of the Sardine symbolizing the power of the swarm to defeat the “lone shark”. The director meets the Berlin Sardines to talk about their movement, their goals, and their flashmob at the Brandenburg Gate.… >>>

  • Duration: 8 Min.
  • Director: Andrea Messner

The installative short film opens 112 windows in 56 image combinations, from which rhythmically glimpses of nature and culture are cast. Everything begins with a grid, everything ends with a grid. BIO|RATIONAL is an investigation into the "order" of things.… >>>

  • Duration: 4 Min.
  • Director: Andrea Messner

In YOU SHOULD HAVE STAYED HOME the Mexican filmmaker Aline Juárez tells how she was arrested by the Berlin police in April 2020 on the fringes of an art project against German weapon exports. She tells of the racism and sexism of the police officers and confronts their feelings of powerlessness, vulnerability and anger.… >>>

  • Duration: 6 Min.
  • Director: Aline Juárez

An authoritarian regime plans to restore white supremacy in Brazil.. In the midst of political chaos, Tai needs to prove that she is not white, but is faced with uncertainty about her own racial identity. The film delves into the ambiguous concept of race in Brazil, exploring the traces left by its colonial past and the family history of the director.… >>>

  • Duration: 29 Min.
  • Director: Tai Linhares

How do we age in a society where people continue to grow older? Two young filmmakers accompany guests of Hamburg's FALTENROCK party scene, in which admission is only allowed from the age of 60. The confrontation with one's own age is always also a confrontation with the social images of it. The documentary FALTENROCK aims to navigate between these ideas confronting us with our own often fixed depiction of being a pensioner.… >>>

  • Duration: 18 Min.
  • Director: Leonie Kock,Janina Rasch

What happens when you are deported? DEMIAN is a film of change and adaptation, optimism and pragmatism – and above all, Demian is a real person, a young man who has to reorganize himself in Doula, Cameroon, between German diplomas, old photos and unanswered phone calls.… >>>

  • Duration: 9 Min.
  • Director: Marc Sebastian Eils