Open Skies and Stealthy Retreats

(BALi, KulturBahnhof Kassel)

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The line between what’s civil and military has blurred. Hybrid wars with ill-defined fronts and shadowy actors are only the most obvious evidence. War culture with mass appeal has many facets. It is part of our language, our music, fashion, and architecture, our desires, bodies, movements, and our glances. No sky remains unscathed by it. (Theresa George)

Silence along the River

In 1985 a group of Kurdish fighters, known as a "Peshmarga", was on a mission to attack one of the military camps in the north of Iraq. They took the Sirwan river by a small raft to cross the area which was controlled by the Iraqi army.… >>>

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  • Duration: 7 Min.
  • Premiere: World Premiere
    • Director: Sherko Abbas


    We are all prisoners of a nationality, a social condition, a skin color, to which the police and state repression force us to resign ourselves. This film tells how the bodies suffer, under the blows, the constraint and the humiliation.… >>>

    • Duration: 11 Min.
    • Director: Galdric Fleury

    Gander Islands

    Gander Islands is a window on two insular locations in Newfoundland: the international terminal of the Gander airport and the Fogo Island Arts artists’ studios. A refuelling stopover for intercontinental flights until the 1960s, the international terminal is almost deserted today. Only the American armed forces and a few dignitaries flying on private airplanes pass through it on occasion.… >>>

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    • Duration: 15 Min.
  • Premiere: Europe Premiere
    • Director: Myriam Yates

    Captain Lupo

    Captain Lupo Uniform. Boots. Socks, Feet. Wolfgang and his fetish.… >>>

    • Duration: 11 Min.
  • Premiere: German Premiere
    • Director: Jan Soldat

    Just Apologies

    A prepared statement is delivered in what appears to be after a court verdict. Inspired by empty apologies in the Me Too era and a polarized political climate, the speech begins as a thank you for support, but derails, and as the speaker turns from victim to villain, he falls back on fear and paranoia as a means to incite. He is accompanied by a choir in the form of plants in the background come to life.… >>>

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    • Duration: 6 Min.
  • Premiere: World Premiere
    • Director: Avi Krispin

    Now, if You Look at the Sky

    A filmmaker follows a pigeon fancier in Beirut as he interacts with his birds and narrates his relation to the sky. Now, if you look at the sky is a film that takes the form of a ritournelle, a refrain, where lines colours and sound constitute a territory.… >>>

    • Duration: 12 Min.
    • Director: Maissa Maatouk