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Filmladen, 21:45 h
Phantom of Punk

Phantom of Punk

There is a ghost haunting the Hamburg district of Schanzenviertel; the spectre of the final gentrification. In the year 2015, the theatre Rote Flora staged the production of “The Phantom of the Opera”. Christoph Faulhaber’s art project initially covers up the building and stages the successful musical in a considerably modified form – in the open air of the Hanseatic city. The script for the action is provided by Michel Foucault, who identifies power as something that lives inside every one of us. Thus power and freedom are not mutually exclusive. Power must instead be used for liberation – ironically, grotesquely or subversively.

  • Deutschland, Schweiz
  • 01:10:30
  • Director: Christoph Faulhaber
  • Production: Christoph Faulhaber
  • Photography: Robert Falckenberg
  • Editing: Robert Falckenberg
  • Music: Step into nowhere
  • Sound: Christoph Faulhaber
  • Languages: de
  • Year: 2016