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Wir könnten auch anders

Wir könnten auch anders

A country in transition. The emergence of compelling, new, small plotlines towards the end of an epic story. Encounters beyond growth. Women and men who want to give shape to the future. WIR KÖNNTEN AUCH ANDERS is a colorful mosaic touching on the realities of life, civil involvement, self-organization and possibilities for participation. In a dozen small episodes, we meet pioneers in shrinking regions and get to know their projects and visions. A journey along the borders of a socio-ecological refashioning of society. An inspired appeal for a new "politics of the little people."

Thursday, January 01th 1970 at 17:15 h, Filmladen
  • Deutschland
  • 90:00 Min.
  • Director: Daniel Kunle, Holger Lauinger
  • Production: Daniel Kunle, Holger Lauinger
  • Photography: Daniel Kunle
  • Music: The Intertiol Nothing
  • Languages: deutsch
  • Year: 2012
A38-Production Grant Kassel-Halle